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    How do you get your coconut oil in?

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    I've started using it exclusively to fry in...eggs, saute veggies, occasionally sweet potatoe fries if we are craving that. But it looks like some use it straight off the spoon? Seriously? I realize it is a little sweet but wouldn't it be like eating shortening--texture wise?? I also think I read in a smoothie. That would work too. Any other ideas? How much do you take in daily?


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    I drink mine in green tea three times a day, about a tablespoon at a time. Sometimes I will have a coconut milk and blueberry smoothie.
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    I cannot eat coconut oil off a spoon. The texture grosses me out going down. I usually get nauseated afterwards as well. Can't figure that one out.

    However, I fry bacon in it, add it to smoothies. Anything I would use olive oil for when it comes to high heat frying, I use coconut oil instead.

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    I also fry with it. Usually half and half with tallow.

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    I don't know but it may be the brand. Because many years ago I tried the one in the black jar at the grocery and it just turned me off. But this organic raw coconut oil I use now is Yum Yum! I will take a spoonful and the taste is clean to me. Looking forward to using it in something other than the fry pan or straight - in a smoothy I suppose.

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    In my bulletproof coffee, stirred into tea, in smoothies, in the pan when cooking just about anything, and yes, right off the spoon. I also rub it all over my skin after a shower, and leave it in my hair overnight for a moisture mask. I especially love it to keep my tattoos bright. Virgin coconut oil is absolutely the greatest substance known to man. And now they sell it for like 5 bucks at Trader Joe's!

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    I bring it work to stir into my coffee instead of having bfast. Also, in BulletProof Coffee, to saute veggies, fry bananas, sear meats...
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    I actually only use it for frying sweet potatoes - I find the smell / taste to be a bit odd for other cooking (I prefer the flavors of lard or butter), no need / desire to eat spoonfuls of fat, and I'm bald and my skin has plenty of natural moisture. You don't really need to use it to join the primal club.
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    I have a coconut milk smoothie with berries almost every day. I cook most of my foods in coconut oil or ghee. And sometimes I just take a tablespoon of coconut oil straight to the dome.
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    I drink it in coffee and tea, I use it as a cooking oil for most everything (except sauteing mushrooms), I make cocoa crack with it, I use it on chapped skin, etc.

    I also oil pull with it, which is me taking a big ol' tablespoon, putting it in my mouth, and swishing it around for 15-20 minutes before spitting it out. And since my room temp is generally just below 70F, my CO is fairly solid to start with, takes a minute to melt in my mouth.

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