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Thread: Stupid Question

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    Stupid Question

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    So I am new to this - just got the 21 Day Transformation in the mail yesterday and read the whole thing!

    I just want to be sure I am doing this right, so my questions are:

    Is this a Primal Lunch

    Greek Yogurt
    Walnuts and pumpkin seeds
    1 scoop of ISO protein powder (I have a full tub to use up)

    Also, is bacon okay? I mean it seems processed?

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    It's not bad- looks more like what I'd have for breakfast (personal choice) but not quite what I'd eat on a daily basis. I think it depends a lot on what your other meals look like too.

    Get some good lean meat in there instead of yogurt and you're gold!

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    It sort of depends on your goals. You lunch doesn't match my version of primal. I limit dairy and don't use protein powders. I my opinion the core of this diet should be minimally processed foods - fats, meats, veggies, and fruits with occasional nuts and dairy. I use bacon as an occasional condiment - not as a staple. Get yourself some uncured pork belly, slice it up and fry it like bacon. Delicious!

    That being said, there are people here who are successful using protein powders and lots of dairy. They tend to be youngish healthy males who work out of fair amount.
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    Those are good occasional treats (yogurt, nuts, seeds), but shouldn't be the core of your Primal diet. Get yourself a Primal cookbook and double the recipes, I had 1/2 salmon filet, braised brussels sprouts, broccoli and curried beef for lunch (all leftovers from the last few days). IMO those foods you mentioned are fine in a pinch or for a treat, but not for a regular lunch.

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