Does anyone feel this way? When I first started reading and really got into nutritional science, I was ecstatic and wanted to share it with my family and friends. Then, when meeting such resistance, my motivation to share my knowledge slowly weaned as my words continued to fall on unreceptive ears.

I've pestered my boyfriend repeatedly, since he wants to lose weight and he trusts mostly everything I say (because he knows how much of a book nerd I can be). He texted me the other day "You're gonna be mad...I ate a beefy sandwich with french bread." I texted back, "Eat what you want babe. Your choice."

Your choice...meaning, I don't give a crap anymore! It's too hard to convince others. I'll only help myself now. Both my parents are going to the doctor currently for inherently systemic inflammatory conditions, and I could give them a 10 minute presentation on how they can help themselves, but they don't want to. They just want a prescription. Like Wolf said, "modern medicine doctors are here to help people who don't want to help themselves."

I'm in the angry-primal phase. This is probably not doing well for my cortisol.......

Thoughts appreciated. Who feels the same way?