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Thread: Eating to live

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    Eating to live

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    I've been primal for about a month. The first couple weeks I had some fierce carb cravings, of which I satisfied some of the time with small amounts of fresh berries and good dark chocolate (I know now I should have used white potato or plain rice, but that is why I love this blog, I learn so many useful things). I do notice now after 30 days on this plan, that I hardly get the hunger pangs in my stomach anymore. Over the weekend, I was busy and ate 2 organic eggs fried in coconut oil and a bunch of sauteed spinach for breakfast on Saturday and didn't get to eat dinner until almost 10 hours later and I was not hungry all day. This from someone that could graze constantly all day. It feels so good to be able to eat to live instead of living to eat!

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    That's exactly how it's supposed to work. But after years of listening to people say "Fat makes you fat", you can see why people don't believe us.

    Glad you did!

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    That's the way I was too until yesterday. I travelled for a few days and ate well, but had some beer while gone. Yesterday I had a serious sweet attack for some chocolate and peanut butter. Not sure it the beer had anything to do with it. (I only had a few on 2 different nights...) but the craving was pretty intense and I gave in.

    I managed not to binge, but it was a close thing. Hopefully it doesn't return today....
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    Crazy isn't it. You'll get used to the weird looks people give you when you tell them what you eat. Then, after you lose your "wheat belly" and a whole bunch more weight, they'll be asking you how you did it...
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