hi again!

I've noticed that I have these really intense cravings for the higher GI fruits like oranges and grapes. I do not partake in the grape but the oranges are nearly impossible. They are locally grown and really impossible. I have been eating 80%-ish primal since June and thought by now the sweet tooth would be gone. Even the lower GI fruits call my name - especially local strawberries. I indulge every day in fruit as I feel this need to eat something sweet after I've had something fatty or salty. Is this remaining insulin insanity? Could it really be this long and drawn out? Since June I have had some failures. I mean, Christmas and Thanksgiving and the Mardi Gras king cake season and ugh but they were very few and far between. But I don't get cravings for traditional sweets and breads it's just fruit and it's unrelenting. Does this go away? I know it's hampering weight loss but on the good side it does nothing to curb my insane energy.