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Thread: Unforgiving high GI fruit cravings - am I doin it wrong?

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    It's not that white rice is wonderful, it's that it is the least-damaging of the grains. If you need a non-sweet starch, it's fine.

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    AstralBear, I think you are spot on with your view on rice production, but as it is, sold in stores, it's a convenience food. For people who want low-fructose/low-sugar, but need more carbs, it's a good choice. Fruit has, no question, more nutrients.
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    I agree with a lot of what has already been said. The best way to eliminate the cravings (if that's really your goal) is to eliminate the sugar (read fruits) from your diet. My own personal n=1 is that sugar, even in the form of "healthy" fruits just made me binge on them. I found that I have had to cut the majority of sweet things from my diet to prevent this behavior. But once I did, I got it under control.

    It's not easy when you're having cravings like you are, but if you want to change badly enough, you'll find a way.
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    I love fruit but I have a tendancy to binge on it, or after I eat it I have this urge to seek out more and more carbs which many times had led to be bingeing on non primal pantry items. Not good.

    I have been doing really good lately making sure I get plenty of good primal carbs, usually 1-2 sweet potatoes a day along with other veggies and/or some plantain. If I have a fruit, I make sure to have it at night for dessert, shortly before I go to bed. This allows me to have the yummy fruit that I like (one serving, not all I can eat of course, lol), but it's so close to bed time that I get to sleep before I get the urge or chance to binge on more fruit or other foods. So maybe you don't have to cut it out completely and you might feel better knowing you can have a bit of fruit for dessert, something to look forward to since you stayed on plan with your eating through the day.

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