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Thread: Tosy Turvy?

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    Question Topsy Turvy?

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    Please, I feel so stupid that I'm considering this, but... I am 40 years old and have NEVER grown a garden. My mother never grew a garden, and my MIL (who was an avid gardener) died a month after our wedding, so I've got no one to depend on. So, I know ZIP about growing my own stuff.

    This year, I'm considering starting small, and growing my own tomatoes to can. I've been buying organic tomatoes from a local co-op, but there's a certain attraction to growing my own. I'm just intimidated! So, I had this idea that I could simplify things, at least at first and get one of those As Seen on TV things, the Topsy Turvy. Seems shameful, somehow, but it also seems idiot-proof, which is a plus for a novice like myself.

    It's less than $15 for one, which I figure is what I'd spend on the containers I'd have to buy to plant on my back patio. I don't even know if they're re-useable, but $15 a year (plus the cost of plants and soil) doesn't seem that crazy. Could be, but I'm not sure what I'm doing, so I don't know the difference!

    Has anyone here tried one? If so, what did you think of it?
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    My attention span for projects tends to be too short to be very successful at growing things. I really love plants but I tend to take really good care of them, then get busy with something else and then they die. They don't whine or bark or meow at you like animals do to remind you they need feeding.

    But there are a ton of online and print resources on gardening, so if you want to do it, just jump in and start learning!
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    My husband and I got a topsy turvy from my mom last year. We are also both horrible with plants, but we were able to grow a few tomatoes with the topsy turvy. It was particularly helpful in our case because, living in Chicago, we don't have a lot of space for pots or a garden. We were able to hang the topsy turvy off the side of our deck and it worked well. It would probably have worked even better if we got decent sunlight (both of the neighboring buildings are less than 6 feet away). We hooked up an irrigation system to water it for 15 minutes, twice a day and that helped a lot once it was put in.

    I think it is worth a shot... it's basically just an inexpensive pot.

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    The upside-down tomato containers are becoming pretty popular here for balcony/patio gardens, and from what I've heard, they work well and are nice space savers if you also want to have some other veggies in regular planters in a small area.
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    It sounds like fun! Tomatoes are pretty forgiving as long as you keep them watered. You may also like to try salad greens and radishes. Both of them grow super fast and are easy for garden virgins.

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    Mine didn't do too well in the topsy turvy~ too hot here (Phoenix area) the roots cooked! I might try a tomato plant in a big pot and one in the hanging planter~ see what does best for your area~

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    look into Square Foot Gardening. You build a 4x4 box, 6 inches deep, fill with: 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 quality compost. Lay a grid over it that breaks it into 16 square feet. This looks like it's gonna be the simplest, most fun and fool-proof gardening method. I do not have a green thumb, but even I am very confident and eager to start the garden this year! check it out here:

    Square Foot Gardening Store | Raised Bed Planters, Square Foot Gardening Grids, Square Foot Gardening Boxes good luck!

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    in the midwest we have hellacious wind and my topsy turvy went flying. We do square foot gardening.. much easier, but watch those evil bunnies.. they steal your loot. Of course you could be REALLY primal and have your meat and veggies too.. whoa.. where did that come from??? LOL

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    Lol @ Karin. I can just imagine the look on my daughters' faces if I got out the bow and arrow. We've had bunnies in our yard before, until the cats caught them. And, yes, I am the cruel cat owner who took the live bunny out of her cat's jaws and set him free. I guess that's what I get for feeding them raw!

    I'm just so bad with plants, I want to go super easy at first. This seems at about a level of difficulty I can deal with, just wanted to see if anyone had any negative experiences with one.
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