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Thread: automatic diet planner

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    236 automatic diet planner has Paleo option!

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    Saw the link on a friend's FB. Thought bleah, must be regular CW stuff, but then saw they actually had a Paleo option.

    Sample 2 meal option:

    Meal 1
    1 tbsp Coconut Oil
    2 eggs Eggs
    1 cup Grapes
    3 oz Lamb
    0.5 fillet Salmon
    28.1g Carbs
    62.9g Fat
    75.1g Protein
    978.9 Calories
    Use a breakfast menu

    Meal 2
    2 slice Bacon
    3 oz Ground Beef
    6 oz Sausage
    1 cup Strawberries
    12.1g Carbs
    67.7g Fat
    65.1g Protein
    918.1 Calories

    1 cup Green Beans
    1 cup Onions
    1 artichoke Artichokes

    It also lists the total macro *and* micronutrients.
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