PB isn't hard, really. It's my brain that is hard. I'd start PB, put a few weeks together, then because of <insert some reason here> I'd make bad choices & end up on the sugar track, again. I'm 57, obese, and I just found out I'm diabetic. Of course, the doctor wants me to take drugs, monitor my blood daily, see a hospital nutritionist about what to eat (as if they know). I politely declined & said, "I know exactly what to do. I'll be back in 3 months for another blood test. If I've made no progress, I'm willing to discuss drugs."

Then I went through my kitchen and got rid of EVERYTHING which is not specifically primal. Sugar, flour, brown rice...gone. I'm an artisan cake maker; I got rid of all of that stuff, too. My neighbor bakes for her family so I gave it all to her. That phase of my life is over. I have no regrets and I'm not looking back. Kept a couple of muffin pans for making primal muffin/breakfasts. There are probably some recipes out there for cakes which fit in better with Primal eating, but I don't care. Screw cake. My focus is on movement & strength training & eating the Primal way.

There is really only one other person in my life who understands what I'm doing. You folks do. It's good to have your support. Today for breakfast I had an omelette with a bit of cheese & half an avocado. For lunch I'm having some chicken thighs I baked last night & a bunch of broccoli. I brought a hard-boiled egg & a satsuma for a snack, if I need it, but I still feel pretty satisfied. I've got pork ribs in the crock pot. I think I'll eat my pork tonight with some spiced carrots and a kale & avocado salad.