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Thread: Poor brainless sheep like society...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhensen View Post
    Children getting type 2 diabetes has everything to do with their diet NOW and not what their parents or grandparents ate. Please find me an active kid that isn't obese with type 2 diabetes. I don't think even one exists. As for fertility drugs being more prevalent now; I think that has more to do with people lacking patience than an actual issue. They talk about infertility in the Bible...this isn't some new phenomenon.
    Prof Marcus Pembrey's research has shown that epigenetic adaptations to counter environmental stressors are inherited and take several generations to return to base, even after that stressor is removed.

    Time to take epigenetic inheritance seriously

    There is strong evidence that rationing during WW2 in the UK followed by post-war rationing has produced an inherited thrifty phenotype for subsequent generations. Thus inherited epigenetics can be a contributing factor to obesity and diabetes for some individuals at least.
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    You know, what is disturbing is a rise of insulin resistance, cushings and hormonal disorders in horses. They used to be very uncommon and relegated to old horses. Now you see younger and younger horses inflicted. Mine was just diagnosed with hormone shortage (it manifested itself in anxiety with her, but other mainfestations include a lack of circulation to the feet causing issues, inability to lose weight, decrease in muscle, inability to put on muscle, anxiety, fatigue). Looking back, sweet feeds - with high sugar percentages- always set her off, so I focus on giving her higher protein/fat feeds.

    What's changed? Horses now get less activity- many are stalled and few have the hard work of a farm horse. And they are fed feeds that are concentrated in starches and soy products and they have in large part replaced a diet that used to be grass and hays, with some whole grains like oats, corn or bran fed to support work.

    Totally different system than humans, but a similar change to a diet more concentrated in sugar, starch and soy, coupled with an decrease in activity leads to a similar disease type.

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    Yes the diet has changed a lot as the diabetes has gotten younger, but don't forget what the 50s was like when people drank kool-aid and used margarine and it's not like we didn't have those things plus tons of packaged crap and fast-food in the 70s either. I ate a lot of pop-tarts and cereal with skim milk and sugar growing up. Don't forget about Tang. This dietary change has been going on for a while, and yes it has been increasing, but it has been a long time that people have not been eating real food because fake food (not to mention stuff like DDT) was associated with "Progress". When it first came out, it didn't seem to hurt people of my parent's generation. It hasn't harmed me as much as some of the younger folks on this forum. I've been eating the same dwarf hybrid wheat as everyone else my whole life. The harm seems to be accumulating. Even all those kids nearby me in wealthy Montecito with their pasty skin and pudgy bodies and vegan chefs don't look normal.
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    Putting a horse in a stall and feeding it granola is not ideal - but it's now the norm - so people automatically assume that it's fine - because everyone else is doing it. Again, that falls under sheep mentality.

    It's always sheep mentality when you don't seek your own information and knowledge. When you just accept what's in front of you and have no drive to search deeper/broader.

    Knowledge seekers are rare.

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