Lately I've changed my routine. I was doing a BAB high in protein for a long time and decided to change to just a bulletproof coffee and usually another coffee a few hours later with some half-and-half (from the cart downstairs at work.) The first coffee is decaf and the 2nd one usually isn't, or it's half decaf. I'll break my "fast" sometime between 11 and 2 with some canned fish usually. I've been thinking of this to myself as almost like a fast, but not really a fast. A fat fast, I guess. Anyway, it seems to have really positive effects. I feel really good, clear and focused, not hungry. I can exercise quite strenuously without feeling hungry before I eat any solid food. I feel like I have more strength and energy for exercise. It may be possible that I've finally broken my stall, too, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm wondering if there's anything to this. Have I stumbled on something that has a name? Is it a technique used for anything? I came about this by accident and have been pretty happy with it ever since.