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Thread: Fat fasting

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    Thanks seaweed, I didn't know about the fungus thing.

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    I guess I'll try a crio bru bp- coffee still makes my eyes itch and sometimes gives me a rash on the chest, too. (But i LOVE IT SO! sob).

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    I've been IF fasting by skipping breakfast for months now. It wasn't something I intentionally thought of doing, but more a case of my body gravitated towards that cycle. I love my bullet proof coffee in the form which can take a variety of fat forms: Butter; Coconut oil; 35% cream; 18% cream; coconut milk etc. In this way, I eat two meals a day, and the fat in the coffee does not technically break the 'fast'. Therefore my total fast is 18 hours, with a 6-hour window for eating. The result is that I consumer fewer calories and feel great without any cravings. Cheers/Lu
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