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Thread: Lexie's Log

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    Lexie's Log

    Thought I'd start one of these up. I did make a blogger for pictures and things with general reflections. (Honestly, didn't realize these journals were here when I started it). I do want to log my food, though and I don't want to clutter up my blog with what I've eaten and the specifics of my workout. So, this is going to just be a general log of what I've eaten and the exercise I've done.

    Name: Lexie
    Age: 27

    Starting Weight: 148 lbs. (01/13/12)
    Starting Waist: 29 in. (01/13/12)
    Starting Hips: 40 in. (01/13/12)

    Current Weight: 146.2 lbs. (01/27/12)
    Current Waist: 27 in. (01/27/12)
    Current Hips: 39.5 in. (01/27/12)
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