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    How many of you have actually achieved that ripped, lean look(ala Mark). If so, how long did it take and did you pretty much just follow the PB? thanks

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    Got it.

    Been primal for going on 6 months now. Started fairly lean and got really lean. Photo of where I started -- I was still mostly vegan at this point -- eek!:

    My compliance is quite a bit better than 80/20. More like 98%. I suspect that this is necessary to get ripped, as opposed to just reaching a perfectly acceptable, but not striking, body composition.

    And, I get a bit more physical activity than the PB's minimums:

    Mark recommends at least 3-5 hours of "moving slowly" per week; I get at least 10 hours, often more like 15 or 20.

    I lift heavy 2x per week, do sprints/metcon 2x per week, do "gymnastics" (bodyweight, etc) 2x per week, and rest/play 2x per week. (Yes, that is an 8-day week.)

    I try hard to get plenty of sleep, use my brain, minimize stress, get adequate sunlight, and all those other important PB components that we don't discuss as much as nutrition and exercise.

    In short, I think the PB totally works, but for really stellar results, you have to put in more than than minimums.
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    I was lean and cut, once, at age 52. Two scant years ago. (Following a Weston Price type diet, long-distance cycling, and Crossfit 4x/week, doing strength training and metcons.)

    But I overtrained and broke. It was a LOT of work to get 'ripped'---as ripped as a 50-something woman can get without 'roids.

    Here's something worth noting: If you look at the photos in Price's NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION, or the photos in THE OLD WAY by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (of the !Kung bushmen in the 1950s), you will not see the ripped, chiseled physiques we associate with Grok.

    You will not see obese people, either.

    I think neither Grok nor hunter-gatherers spent much time looking in mirrors or admiring each other's bodies. I think what mattered more was functionality: could the male hunt? (Walk, fasting, for 2 or 3 days at a time? Track the beasts? Carry home the carcass?) Could the female walk for miles, dig out deep roots or gather nuts and carry home 40 pounds of forage as well as 1 or 2 children on her body?

    Just sayin'.

    I agree with Barbey Girl that it takes considerably more work --FOR MOST PEOPLE--than the minimum to get 'ripped.' I was dedicated to that end, once. Now I'd settle for being able to hike, carry a pack, scramble over a hill or rock or two, and still enjoy myself doing it.


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    Started off in pretty good shape and have made significant improvements in ~9 months.

    At about 11%bf now but to get into the single digits, it's going to take more than the 80/20 as stated above.

    I'd say if you stuck to it 100% for a year (depending on where you start), you'd be a new man

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    I'm probably as lean as Grok, but I could use some more muscle on me.

    I'm 5'8'' at 117 lbs and ~9% body fat.


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    I'm not looking to be ripped but I will say that after 6 weeks on PB with about 98% compliance, wow- I think I look fabulous. I do work out, but not chronically like in the past. I would say I have more a Playboy Mag physique than Bodybuilder Mag physique, without the airbrushing of course, because I'm a real person, but that's fine with me. I'll take it.

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    I weight in around 140 lbs at 5'8'' with ~7% BF.

    I must admit I have always been lean regardless of food intake, but I have been primal for almost a year and have remained at said body fat the whole time without discomfort.

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    im 5`6, 128 lbs and around 15%BF... i have been the same for years now but i went from skinnyfat to strong and lean in about a year after starting evfit (marks blog wasnt around then). Ive been gaining muscle continuously since then.

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    Nope. Been Primal for 8 months now. Followed WAPF diet before that for a year. It's a guestimate as to my body fat, but probably somewhere in the 36%-48% range.

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    I think being ripped is more a modern goal, don't think Grok or modern hunter gatherers in general are ripped.

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