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Thread: I love Primal, but Primal doesn't love me :(

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    I love Primal, but Primal doesn't love me :(

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    A typical eating day:


    Either 2 eggs and 4 strips of bacon and a banana ( i have low potassium)
    Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie, Mixed Berry Smoothie w/out protein


    Organic Nitrate Free Deli Roast Beef w/ avocado and mustard and veggie of the day
    Salad with feta or bleu cheese and oil/vinegar dressing ( various veggies added on occasion)


    A meat such as pork, ground beef or chicken and a veggie
    Usually do crockpot meals, beanless chili, burger without the bun, ribs, pulled pork etc

    I usually snack on cashews, almonds or seeds and raisins

    Overendulge on dark chocolate some days.


    I feel AWESOME! eating primal, i tend to still be hungry which is why i need to add more fats but otherwise I feel alot better but I went and had bloodwork and a 24 hr urine screening done ( because two months after being primal I had kidney stones) and I hae extremely high levels of oxalates and creatine in my body. I have done some research and basically in order to bring those levels down I have to not eat anything that I have written above. So basically long story short eating Primal has given me unhealthy levels of oxalates which could lead to further kidney problems......I dont want to abandone primal but I don't know what else to do .......Any suggestions !?!?!??! Thanks!

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    Having low potassium levels can cause kidney stones.

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    How much are you hydrating? I would try a larger breakfast to see if that helps reduce the need for snacking.
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    The food isn't the problem. The process that breaks down oxalates isn't working and that is the problem. You can still eat a Primal diet while you address this, just change the foods. For instance, where's the bone broth and fermented foods? Google for a list of low oxalate veggies. Research how to improve this process in your body instead of just blaming it on the food. this is my friend's blog:
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    Mmmm. I had kidney stones after 4 months on primal. Mine are caused by high Uric Acid, and can be controlled by following a low-Purine diet; which rules out Primal!
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    Wow was I disappointed! On top of that I have IBS and cannot eat coconut milk or a lot of fats.
    The point being that you need to listen to your body and do what is right by it. I still adhere to some Primal principals, by eating a whole-foods organic diet high in fresh vegetables and fruit, and I don't eat grains, legumes or dairy.

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    So would a diet high in citrus fruits desolve the stones? or prevent them?

    I wonder why the organ meats and fish are the highest on the list for creating kidney stones....makes no sense. That means Neanderthals, Eskimos and the Masai all carry tons of stones...but ironically the primitive eskimo and masai are in perfect health.

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    I find it hard to believe that 2 months of any diet would do that.... How can you be sure that it's not as a result of the previous years of eating and just happened to occur 2 months after switching to primal?

    Seems like saying "I switched to primal and 2 months later I had a heart attack, so I'm switching back to how I ate before?" to me. Makes no sense at all.

    Just my opinion though
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    Meat & organs are not to blame for uric acid excess. Research this thoroughly; search the popular paleo sites for info on this. Excess carbs are to blame, and/or a dysfunctional inability to excrete. Usually the former, but look into the latter. We are made for organs.

    And since when is coconut bad for IBS? Coconut oil (not necessarily the milk) is crucial to restoring proper gut function when it has gone awry.
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    Just interjecting here to point out mushrooms are also a great source of potassium. As is broccoli and walnuts.

    Throwing ideas out there for you to help you get the vitamin you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    And since when is coconut bad for IBS? Coconut oil (not necessarily the milk) is crucial to restoring proper gut function when it has gone awry.
    I think it's because it usually full of fiber. Regular coconut has plenty of it, and coconut flour is probably 100% made of it. They probably tell people to avoid it completely, even though they would be fine with coconut oil. There's also the old ''it's saturated fat you'll die'' refrain.

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