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Thread: Dating

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    I really see no reason to be anything aside from honest. If the person you're dating is halfway intelligent, they'll at least be open-minded enough to listen to your description of being primal/paleo. Also, they should be fine with it, as long as you're not aggressively trying to convert them and shouldn't have a major problem eating at places that'll have something for both of you to enjoy.

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    agree with rahchis. Anyone cool enough to date me will put up with my dietary preferences!


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    great advice everyone thanks!!....and i agree with neopaleo its kinda of hard to find someone that understands primal living; also RogerDeGrok, there should be some kind of post about sex haha

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    Haven't dated since truly going primal, but I will say -- and I really don't care how shallow you think this is -- that I did once break up with a guy partially because he was ... well ... fat. Well, more that he claimed it was genetic and didn't make an effort to do anything about it. Now this is when I was first beginning to experiment with low-carb (but still ate like the low-carb bread etc) and was noticing SOME results. I made an effort and he wasn't doing jack.

    But lets be honest here. Physical attraction is part of the equation, no matter what. And I would definitely prefer a primal guy over a non-primal one.

    Honestly, if he was hot enough I'd probably just go out and consider it part of the '20%' and eventually explain the whole primal thing. Fortunately in Colorado Springs and Gunnison there are lots of restaurants with primal options -- most of the pizza places have salad on the menu and you can pick out the croutons.

    As far as long-term goes though, the main limiting factor would be if he refused to understand that primal does work and kept trying to push CW ideas. I could even date an Italian as long as he let me do my thing and didn't oppose me continuing my way of life.

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