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Thread: Cooking Techniques

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    Cooking Techniques

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    Hey guys,

    I have been thinking a lot about my own diet lately. There are so many opinions out there on what and how to eat. One thing that is really making a difference for me right now is HOW i eat. It seems that the how is just as important as the what. I am becoming to believe that there are 3 primary reasons that meat gets a bad name.

    1. Most meat the average person eats is junk meat and is probably fairly unhealthy
    2. Most people overcook their meats and do not eat it like we should. I do so much better with slow cooked, baked, rare meats than with fried, well-cooked, well-done meats
    3. Most people overeat in general which leads to overburdened digestion which isn't good with anything.

    How do you guys cook your food to make it easiest to digest?

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    Depends on the food. Tonight, I used three different cooking techniques for my dinner: Poached salmon, steamed kale and sauteed samphire. And yes, it was epic.

    I fry beef steaks in beef dripping and pork in lard. I grill sausages and pork belly slices. I steam cabbage with olive oil, garlic and water. I sautee mushrooms in even more butter and even more garlic.

    Basically, I go with whatever method makes the food taste the best, and don't skimp on the fat where appropriate.
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    Like rip said, whatever fits the meat. Steam saute fish, grill steaks and such, braise chix thighs, blaze the roast for 15 min before letting it coast low and slow the rest of the way, Steam/ roast/ grill/ saute veggies, fry eggs and other veggies, fry bacon until just this side of burnt... Whatever suits the meat and what I want out of the meal.
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