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Thread: Intermittent fasting

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    Intermittent fasting

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    can anyone point me to THE resource on IF in terms of practical guidelines? I have browsed through some sites but can not find a hands on guide on it. I suppose it is not as easy as just stop eating?

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    Martin Berkhan at the Lean Saloon is a good resource.

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    Brad Pilon and Eat Stop Eat first got me into IF- for someone looking for extensive citations and science, his e-book is the real deal.

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    The Leangains Guide | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

    The basic idea is to have more hours during the day where you abstain from all calories than hours where you consume calories. Going from three meals a day to two is one way.
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    The basic, as I understand it, is there is no set amount of time. It could be you go from breakfast to dinner and skip lunch. Or maybe you skip dinner. I saw one post, where the poster eats one meal and skips the next two. Say starts with breakfast on Monday, and does not eat again until breakfast on Tuesday.

    I think it is what part of day works best for you. That is trial and error.
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