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I'm recovering from an eating disorder that I developed by becoming too obsessive about eating paleo. I know a lot of people recover FROM eating disorders on paleo, but it's also a little dangerous because you can trigger restrictive or obsessive tendencies when following a diet like this. You may not have fully recovered from your eating disorder and may have overshot your body's set point as a result. This website has some excellent advice for people in all stages of recovery and has helped me a lot. I am currently widening my food selection away from paleo in order to address the extreme anxiety I feel when I stray from it. I have added soaked oats and soaked stone ground bread with good success; this in an attempt to not be AFRAID of any foods but to be able to choose healthy foods in a rational manner (I still agree with the paleo ideology, I just recognize that right now I need to adjust things for the sake of recovery). Oh, and I'm also 19 Best of luck!!!