I have been primal for 70 days now. I began this process after gaining weight following a death in the family. I was unable to lose all of the weight doing what I always did before, which was the Zone. It just stopped working for me after being fine for years.

I am 5'4", 41 years old. Prior to gaining weight I was around 110-112 with around 18-19% bodyfat. I gained at least 15-20 pounds, but got back down to 120 before stalling (or fluctuating constantly between 120-125).

My first 30 days of being primal, I got down to 115, but my BF was still over 25%. I just checked again the other day and I'm back to 120 and my muscle % and BF % are both up slightly. I do better than 90% with diet. Really, my only vice is red wine, which I have all but cut out to see if it would make a difference (it hasn't).

Now for my workouts: I am a third degree black belt in taekwondo and practice 4 days per week most weeks. I also do my "heavy lifting" two days per week. I have made no adjustments to the diet to compensate for workouts (and I have been getting debilitating cramps in my legs and feet as a result - despite taking magnesium and potassium supplements). I have a completely sedentary day job.

I have tried to read about carb cycling and/or leangains, but I'm so confused at this point I feel a little overwhelmed, not to mention frustrated. Am I just not being patient enough? Is my activity level such that I need to tweak my diet? Would fasting help me? My goal is to be around 15% BF. At the very least to be back to the 18-19% I was before. (and believe it or not, I still plan to compete this year in TKD in the 18-32 age group, so I really need to get back down or else get my arse kicked)

I have tried to piece together information from so many places, that I have gotten lost. I know I'm not an endurance athlete, but I definitely do more than what is prescribed by Mark. Any advise/encouragement at all that would help me get back on track be greatly appreciated.