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Thread: fasting vs healthy eating when sick

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    fasting vs healthy eating when sick

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    So, there are numerous benefits to fasting, as there are to eating really healthy food. (And by that im talking highly nutritious foods like liver, etc.) Therefore If you were sick (Im not, just hypothetical) would you fast, or would you try and eat your way back to health?

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    Last time I got sick I ate healthy. The sickness never really hit me hard and I recovered quickly, compared to my family who were miserable, for about twice as long

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    I let my body decide for the most part. I eat if I'm hungry but I never force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. I think that when we lose our appetites while sick it is just our body's way of saying it wants to devote all of its resources to healing and not digesting food. Fasting does in fact strengthen healthy cells and weaken diseased cells so it certainly makes sense intuitively.

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    I would follow my physical hunger clues. Usually when I'm sick I have no appetite. I figure that's for good reason; my body is busily working toward thwarting whatever malaise is affecting me and doesn't want to divert its resources to unnecessary [otherwise I'd feel physical hunger] digestion tasks.

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