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Thread: Help me cook grass fed meat

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    Help me cook grass fed meat

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    I keep buying grass fed meat and can not for the life of me get the beef steak to taste good *ribeyes or strips. I* put on salt and pepper and cook 3 minutes a side and they come out tough. Help me do justice to the beef.

    Also any thoughts on cooking pastured chicken? I made some legs and thighs (roasted 425 for 30 minutes after brining in buttermilk) and they were tough.

    I have pork chops down.....

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    Thicker cuts like ribeye should be finished in the oven, where you have have more control over the temperature. Thicker steaks reside in a grey zone between steaks and roasts. I tend to keep them on the stove only until they brown (~90 seconds/side on my stove) and then finish them in oven at 450, which usually takes about 8 min for medium-rare. It comes out pretty good for my taste even when only using salt, pepper, and olive oil. I'm no master chef, though. Perhaps someone else can chime in.

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