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    Mental stability has been much better the last few months, basically since getting dairy out (again, grrr). Digestive front is improving with removing FODMAPS (also grrr). I've been trying for a month to get all FODMAPs out, but it's so so hard, b/c it means replacing all but one cup of fruit with all those vegetable soups that take being on my feet to make (energy has been around 5/10 lately). Glad bloating is going down, but not glad I have to remove FODMAPs (including garlic & avocado!!!) to do it.

    In the last two weeks, I've been maintaining 165lb after slowly losing 5 in the week or so before. I think it's getting out the FOdMAPs, that my body is having to spend too much effort to digest it to focus on the detoxing needed to let me lose weight. I've had some up and down days, like 2 days spent feeling some of the things you feel when you're sick (like totally lethargic & mentally not wanting to engage with anyone or anything) even though I wasn't sick, and maybe it was weight loss detox?

    Down in the last two days to 164. Only 32lb to go back to where I was when I started the blasted DHEA. Grrr. Dr. Berg has me back on 5mg DHEA/day, and it doesn't seem to be doing any harm, but I don't see any benefit, either. L is off and on, more on the last month. No CM (EW or otherwise) at all for nearly 3 months in a row (but had it the last two months), which was very frightening.

    Odd ice cream dream last night, out of nowhere.

    So fat loss is starting, cravings are doing well, digestive is better w/o FODMAPs & dairy (and obviously, wheat and all grains, although I've had a bit of rice without too much problem; corn is the devil), mental stability better without dairy, and fatigue middling - has been worse, has been better. (House is not getting cleaner, but not getting worse, either, or if it leans one way more than the other, it does so just barely.)
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    Hi, MamaGrok. It was good to see you come back around fairly recently and I hope you're continuing to do well. I've been wanting to ask you what exactly do you and the doc feel happened that caused your issues with the DHEA, and how were you able to determine this. I'm dealing with pretty extreme adrenal issues (and of course the dead thyroid that accompanies it after years of it) and we are playing around with, at my request in order to avoid/delay hydrocortisone, the use of pregnenolone, DHEA and DIM - alternating days. I'm just curious as to what may have happened with all that you had going on at the time. There are many things in your postings to which I can relate and I'm always trying to gather info and learn from the experiences of others when possible. I've taken the DHEA in the past (7 Keto) and felt great with it but eventually stopped as my estrogen level rose a bit too much and I was a little paranoid about messing with my hormones at the time. I'm a little nervous now, but don't want to take steroids unless we've exhausted other avenues that might prove helpful and get me back to work.
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