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    For those of you who feel deeply connected to animals but at the same time can't deny how much better you feel eating (hopefully) grass-fed/organic meat and vegetables, how have you made peace with loving animals but also loving yourself?
    I always say a silent prayer/thank you, whether fish, pig, or cow. Still, my guilt is pervasive and I want to be proud of my choices.
    My counter-argument to the guilt is that I love trees and flowers, and they get destroyed all the time for function and pleasure yet I use paper and buy cut flowers guilt free, so how is that fair?
    Apologies if this has been addressed previously or should have been started in another section, I'm back to the forums now after a long hiatus. It's good to be back.

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    When you stop shitting you can regard yourself as a higher being. Until then, we are just sentient animals and animals have basic needs. Guilt is unhelpful. Respect for your food is essential though
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    the way i see it is that your first and foremost responsibility is to take care of yourself. you need to be the healthiest "you" that you can be. and that requires eating animals. that being said, if you care that much about the animals, you should be making the choices to try to eat locally raised and slaughtered animals, avoid feedlot animals as much as possible, and maybe take up hunting to supplement your meat supply. if you're doing all of that, then you should be at peace with yourself

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    Watch this movie about the San bushmen.
    The Great Dance - A Hunter's Story
    The Great Dance - A Hunter's Story [2000] - YouTube

    Also, recognize that these animals made an evolutionary deal with us. We are dependent on one another for survival. Don't deny them the right to be fully their animal selves (confinement feeding) and choose the grass-fed/pastured stuff. Don't deny yourself the right to be fully your animal self. Eat them.
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    People need to get over this Disney image of animals! Respect and gratitude are what you should feel but your feeling of guilt is inappropriate.

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    I don't feel guilt at all.... It's just nature isn't it. We are on the food chain just like any other animal, fortunately for us we're quite high up.

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    The only reason I might have a little guilt is not because I'm eating an animal (they're tasty.. come here cute little lamby pop!). More because of the actual environmental impact of the massive industries I have to patronize because of geographical and economic reasons. I not a greenie, but after watching Food Inc., I was more than a little freaked out.

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    Sorry, allow me to rephrase the question. For those of you who feel DEEPLY CONNECTED WITH ANIMALS, aka can't imagine how your cat or dog would be considered food in other parts of the world, yet they are; how have you made peace with the dichotomy of taking a life (along with the fear that comes with being slaughtered no matter how "humanely" executed) so that you can live? I AM NOT promoting vegetarianism, I eat grass-fed/organic/wild animals daily, and would appreciate either positive and helpful comments from those who understand the question or none at all.

    Thanks @sbhikes, will check out that film. @notontherug don't think I'll be hunting any time soon, but I always make sure the meat I'm eating was raised as humanely as possible. @whitebear Disney? Really? @chefgrok have you killed any cute little lamby pops yourself then? What's it like?

    I am not questioning whether we should be eating animals. I'm asking to hear from those who have experienced feeling sad about eating creatures they could easily love given enough time spent with them and how they eventually made peace with their choice to consume them.

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    i cannot speak to feeling a deep connection, I dont. however this is to my mind another argument in the conversation of over population and over industrialism.

    no one in the first or possibly even second worlds ( yes i hate the terms but you know what i ma talking about ) has to kill to eat. killing to eat is a choice here. the last time i killed my dinner i was 6 and my grand aunt had me wring the chickens neck.

    the feeling that you discuss is a luxury. I am not attempting to attack you, i am pointing out that when it comes down to it for you to live you must eat. Unfortunately for all of us Monsanto and their ilk has modified the plant life to the point where we can no longer eat it and live.

    when all the electricity shuts down and the petroleum runs out that feeling you have will quickly go away one way or the other.

    Either a person with that sentiment will starve to death on principle or they will move away from such a strong attachment.

    However we do live in a society where these feelings are allowable. Feel them and embrace your sensitive nature and find a way to "pay it back" give to a nature preserve or some other way to offset your "guilt"

    but it is a luxury. enjoy it.
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    Don't even worry about reconciling loving your domesticated pet and eating (what ought to be) a wild animal. As far as I know, cultures that eat animals we would domesticate aren't keeping those same animals as pets. Eating animals is prior to keeping them as pets.

    I mean really, I love my pets, but it's weird that my cat parks his butt on the couch all day, and it's weird that my dog gets extreme separation anxiety. Though I don't know how much of temperament is bred (a lot I'd imagine?), I don't know of any truly wild animals that expect or want human affection.

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