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Thread: Had 2 tooth extractions

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    Had 2 tooth extractions

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    Finally had 2 teeth removed 5 days ago. I didn't have a chance to get online and kinda succumbed to eating shit food (sorta). I can start eating less soft food real soon, but should avoid tough/crunchy food (think potato chips or chewy steak). Nothing sticky or through a straw, either.

    What would be good soft wise, Primally?

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    lots of mashed/purreed veggies. cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots... ect

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    Thick soups made with a good, home-made stock, slow-cooked stews so that the meat is exceedingly tender, omelettes, scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, fish - these were all things that I cooked and ate when I had a tooth out recently!

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