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Thread: I wish I knew what to do about the tubes and tough pieces in beef liver.

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    I wish I knew what to do about the tubes and tough pieces in beef liver.

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    I tried my best with a sharp knife and my fingers to remove all the tough bits from the liver. After I cooked it, the flavor was delicious, but there were still gross tough bits in almost every mouthful.

    I also tried pureeing it and mixing with ground beef. But the meatballs I made had tough bits that I knew came from the liver!

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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    I cook it as is, then cut around the not so good bits and give them to the dogs. It helps if the butcher sliced it fairly thin too.
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    Is it maybe from the membrane/elastin and not the ducts/etc. ?

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    I asked my rancher who I buy my grass fed beef from about that, and also the same thing in tongue. For the tongue not much you can do, but, for liver he said calves is better and so is chicken. We ate a ton of chicken liver when I was a kid, and I loved it. It was in this fantastic Marsala mushroom sauce. I would not buy CAFO liver so not sure where to find good calf or chicken liver. My free range chickens I buy come empty. No nothing inside

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