I posted in another thread earlier that I was giving up crossfit and moving towards a more "normal" workout style. Mainly due to the cost of crossfit in san francisco being about $4500 a year, and the cheapest being $2700 a year if I only go twice a week. That is fucking retarded

The other concern is that as a new tech startup, my time is going to be EXTREMELY limited and getting to the gym is going to be difficult.

So in an effort to really save money and time, here is are my possible plans:

1. Sign up for World Gym San Francisco at a normal plan (like $70 a month I think) and that would give me access to their olympic weightlifting platforms and gym equipment.
Pros: Access to equipment and olympic lifting platforms
Cons: 20 minutes there, 20 minutes back and the cost

2. Buy a set of kettlebells to compliment my bodylastics resistance bands (the BIG set) and then workout in the tiny, tiny little patch of grass behind my apartment with kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and resistance bands.

Since my whole life of fitness has been around olympic lifting and fast paced cardio... how much of a workout could I get from utilizing resistance bands and kettlebells? I feel like I could build pretty comprehensive workouts, but I am only doing this theoretically at the moment.

Please do not tell me to buy my own bars/weights and stuff as I am living in a tiny SF rental with a tiny SF yard with no SF storage. That is why I have come up with what I have and I'm trying to make the best out of my situation!