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Thread: My new "Never Crave Pizza Again!" Salad

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    Hi there!

    This is not really my recipe, as I was introduced to it at a restaurant the other day.....But, it's amaaaaaaaaaazing! So I wanted to share.

    Oven roasted turkey

    applewood smoked bacon

    Calabrese salami


    aged provolone cheese

    artichoke hearts

    grape tomatoes

    garbanzo bean

    black olives

    fresh basil

    over greens in an herbal white balsamic vinaigrette.

    I know someone wrote up a primal pizza recipe. But (a) Too much work for my lazy self and (b) I recently discovered that I can't tolerate a lot of dairy (yaay PB for helping me discover what was causing years of skin problems!) So this salad really hit the spot. You can omit the beans if you want, but I found that a small handful in there really added a great quality to the texture. And I asked for the cheese on the side and just ate a tiny smidge.


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    Wow, that looks really good!

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    Oh wow!! I must try this!! I bet if you roasted the artichoke hearts and maybe added in some asparagus it would be good too!

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