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Thread: Heath Food Shop Story

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    Heath Food Shop Story

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    This is a true story, it's not really meant to prove anything it just was quite surprising when it happened and is worth repeating the tale....

    Years ago I used to live in Brighton and used to go to the local health food shop which was just around the corner from my house. This was an independent shop and was owned by a very thin vegan woman who was constantly ill, very pale and occasionally had cold sores/scabs around her nose and mouth. I used to say to my partner at the time about how the woman should really be shimmering with health if the products she sold were actually any good, and in fact she was a bad advert for her own shop.

    After a couple of years in Brighton we moved to Cambridge and I was on my way to the health food shop which was Holland and Barrett. I remembered the woman from the health food shop in Brighton and how ill she always looked and thought to myself if the owner of this shop didn't look in perfect health I'd know all was not well within the heath food industry.

    Anyway, I stroll into the shop and start browsing and looking at the products and to lay to rest my suspicions take a glance at the man or woman working behind the counter, to see how healthy they are. And well, it was a woman and this woman had a beard.
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    I'm confused...

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    THAT is a weird coincidence. There are two bearded ladies at a small town co-op about 45 min drive from me. I wonder what that is about? I always wondered if they were transitioning to becoming men via ingested hormones. Your story makes me wonder if it's a hormone imbalance like PCOS where the testosterone is really high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Issabeau View Post
    I'm confused...
    Women aren't supposed to have beards. It's a sign of super-duper hormonal imbalance. Probably brought on by all the "health" food.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    What a coincidence! My rule of thumb has always been... don't buy health food products from women with beards!

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    Hell, my rule has been not to accept anything from women with beards!

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    Hey, beardist!!

    I think that applies in independent health food shops and businesses. In the chains, a store assistant is "just" a store assistant and I wouldn't expect them to have the same belief in the products. It's why I never quite trusted Gillian McKeith despite knowing I should be eating healthy, and she's supposed to be doing that.

    Seriously though, maybe the bearded lady was bearded before the health food thing, and was drawn to that trying to find a solution.
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