I've just signed up to do a beginner's Triathlon in June & I'd really love some advice from the more seasoned fitness gurus on here :-)

I'm 38, eating primarily since last September but have been eating a relatively low-carb diet since 2003 (not always, but mostly on the wagon). I'm 5'6" and weigh 150-154lbs so I can still afford to burn off more fat. I am coming at this after more than a year of virtually no exercise & tbh I have never been a big fan of exercise & sports. But I have found some enthusiasm from somewhere - probably a mid-life crisis!!! I am back in the gym, doing a bit on the bike & treadmill, a circuit class and have started using weights. I have just started a Couch to 5km app.

The Triathlon is 400m open water swim, 16km cycle & a 5km run. So it really is a beginner's course.

I'm hoping that some of you might be willing to offer some advice on training for me. I would also love to know if you think I can stay low-carb & train for this & complete it on the day while still low-carb. I average somewhere around carbs of 40-60g a day usually. Should I've changing my food intake? I am definitely sensitive to putting on weight with carbohydrates.

I'd love to hear your opinions/advice. Thanks very much!