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Thread: Beginner's Triathlon! Nutrition & Training Advice Appreciated.

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    Hi RedRuth,
    It's great to have another beginner on board! What kind of a triathlon are you doing & when is it? Go easy on your leg - my shins were sore a couple of weeks ago - I think I just built up too quickly & had to rest it.

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    Hi there LolaLola
    It is a women only novice triathlon in on June 10th - 200m swim, 5kms road cycling, 2.5kms road running. The only race I have done since school (many years ago!) is a 10k run. So this will be a challenge, but hopefully an achievable one!

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    Well I have been surprised at how my fitness has built up over the last two months so I think you have set yourself a good goal by June. My triathlon is a week before yours so we can keep each other motivated over the next few months. And I have been a sport-hating, lazy-a*s all my life so this has been a complete change for me. Here's to wishing us both good luck!

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