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Thread: Beginner's Triathlon! Nutrition & Training Advice Appreciated.

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    Well I only started in february but so far so good - biggest thing is giving up my diet coke and my weekly coconutbliss ice cream ;-). Other than that I am doing pretty well with just eating a big sweet potato and some chicken after all my workouts since they are normally no longer than an hour and then keeping it somewhat low carb but high fat the rest of the day. Had Amy from Robb Wolfs team do a nutritional plan for me which has been a great help.

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    That's great to have a nutritional plan devised just for you. I would find it very hard to give up my daily can of Diet Coke. Really not PB but I never said I was perfect! Good luck with keeping up the Whole 30.

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    You dont need ANY carbs to be an elite level triathlete. Its all about becoming a better fat burner. If you cut out your carbs, your body has no choice but to become ketogenic and just burn all the fat away. Do it for a month and see how your training improves.

    Not that I recommend that much cardio anyways. Neither does Mark Sisson.

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    Thanks Karen Grok! Well, so far I haven't upped my carb intake and I seem to be managing the training sessions fine. I have existed on low-carb for so long I hope that I'm fairly efficient at using ketones. Strangely though despite a big increase in my exercise levels over the last month - there is very little difference on the scales in terms of my weight so I am not sure that I am burning fat stores - maybe burning my fat intake? I'm trying to do stick within Mark's recommendation for cardio training & not overdoing it in terms of max heart rate and adding in some weight-training. I was given advice in the gym the other day about how to best lift a barbell I was struggling with, from a very nicely-muscled man - but of course I was watching the technique not the muscles! Lol.

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    Just a quick update - I did my first ever race last Saturday. A 4k forest trail run on a bright clear day. I won't say where I came in the field coz my time was rubbish but it was the first time I had ever run 4k in my life & I was just pleased to finish it. Next one is planned for March 24th.

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    Congratulations on your first race! I started doing triathlons at age 49, eating low carb (to control diabetes) but not primal. I trained very gradually for what I was going to do in the race, except I swam with a masters group (even though I had never swum properly before). I started with sprint, worked my way up to a half ironman the third year, then had to cut back because my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and that takes too much of my time.

    I only drank water, but on very hot days I would take a salt/electrolyte capsule after a couple of hours. I fueled with real food--eggs for breakfast a couple of hours before the race, then a banana shortly before the start. During races I ate peanut butter sandwiches. If I were looking for a primal equivalent I might go for nuts and dried fruit. Or if you want the shot of quick energy that a gel can provide, use pure honey. A lot depends on what your particular digestion can handle.

    My half ironman story is here: Deep Language

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    Quote Originally Posted by LolaLola View Post
    Just a quick update - I did my first ever race last Saturday. A 4k forest trail run on a bright clear day. I won't say where I came in the field coz my time was rubbish but it was the first time I had ever run 4k in my life & I was just pleased to finish it. Next one is planned for March 24th.
    Congratulations !

    If I were you I would be sure to run at least 5k, ie. > race distance, several times before the next race - obviously don't worry about time too much when increasing the distance, the time will come, with time This way you will be very confident that you are going to finish and can focus on going for a time or just enjoying the event.

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    Congrats.... I'm glad to hear you had a great experience that is the first step!!!

    @KarenGrok if you mean that you don't need any nonprimal carbs to be an elite athlete I guess your right, but in order to do any type of endurance in the long run I believe you will need to add carbs from sweet potatoes etc. The train low race high philosophy I think your referring to is still highish carb in primal land (around 150-300g) but very low compared to what a normal endurance athlete would consume. Anyhow sorry for the trip off subject since I'm pretty sure LolaLola is not about to embark on an ironman journey, but you never know...Just my five cents.

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    Thanks Pamsc! I also had bacon & eggs & a coconut flour pancake the morning of the race. For the next one I may change the pancake to a sweet potato to see if there is any difference. It was good to read your experience doing triathlons & I will check out your story. Sorry to read about your husband's diagnosis - I hope he is doing ok.

    Sjmusic2 - I am not worrying too much about my time at the moment - my aim on Saturday was to actually finish! Hopefully by the next one I will be able to knock a couple of minutes off the time. By the time I finished I think my dd was wondering if I'd collapsed in the woods. Lol. The suggestion of doing 5k runs between now & then is good. It may make 4k seem "easy" on the day. Before Saturday's race the furthest I had managed was 3.2k (2 miles) so the 4k was a step beyond that again. Running 5k non-stop is the next aim. Considering that when I started this in January I was doing well to run for a full minute I'm surprised at myself!

    Trigirl - the sun shone, the atmosphere was great, there was a good mix of proper runners & beginners & I did it with a friend (although she finished well ahead of me - my competitive nature will work hard to change that next time). So it was a really good experience. I think I can safely say that the words Ironman Triathlon are most definitely not in my vocabulary ;-)

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    Hi LolaLola
    I am just getting in training for beginner triathlon and tightening up my primal diet, so thanks so much for initiating this thread. I will follow the tips with you! Well done on the 4k!
    I am just recovering from straining a muscle in my calf - soleus - the smaller one, so need to build up gently. But I need a challenge and a couple of friends are up for training together so I thought I'd join in.

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