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Thread: Newbie question about big weight loss and saggy skin!

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    Newbie question about big weight loss and saggy skin!

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    Hi everyone, I've been devouring this forum faster than I used to devour cake for the last few weeks. I started the eating and living primally on the 1st January and I am loving it, I feel great and the weight is coming off. I started at 235lb and am now at 222. Ideally I'd like to get down to 140 so a long way to go still.
    So my question is really about loosing large amounts of weight, 90 lbs +, umm what happens to the excess skin? Am i going to be left with lots of spare skin after the fat has gone? Can I do anything to avoid it? Any hints or tips? A lot of the before and after success photo's look great, really tight and toned so there must be a way to avoid saggy baggy skin or is it just down to luck?
    Cheers, Jo

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    Hi Jo,
    I've lost 85lbs all together, 40lbs with Primal. The only saggy skin I have is my belly from having 3 children. Eating Primally and exercising with the 5 basic exercises helps a lot, and sprinting. Thinking about adding a few more plank moves for my belly.

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    Excess skin in large amounts is the result of losing more lean body mass than fat mass so what you experience is actually remaining fat mass. Doing heavy weight lifting and consuming enough protein (1g/lb) will ensure lean mass retention during weight loss and minimal (if any) excess skin.

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    This is a question I'm worried/burdened by...I have (after losing 60 so far) about 200 pounds to get to what I'm estimating my goal weight will be. I have a lot of muscle mass and I'm sure I'll gain more as I continue with my body weight exercises...Are there any tips out there in addition to maintaining lean muscle mass?

    Thanks in advance!
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