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Thread: Feed babies spicy food, meat

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    Feed babies spicy food, meat

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    Experts seek to debunk baby food myths - Health - Children's health -

    The best part is where the pediatrician quoted says meat is an ideal first food and rice cereal is perhaps the worst thing you can feed a baby.
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    "We have all the food groups- meat and chocolate".

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    Cool. It kills me to see people feeding their babies processed cereal-based crap - and of course I don't dare say anything. My mom says that I loved meat and raw vegetables as a baby, and I liked to munch on raw onion! Crying while eating spicy food is funny, I still do that - break out in a sweat on my face and sometimes start tearing up at really spicy food like some Indian food.

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    My Thai-American grandson has been eating spicy Thai food from very early.
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    that's totally how my baby ate.

    we used to go to this one thai restaurant, and I'd order curry for DS. he was under a year old at this point. he loved spicy food. The lady who took the order was FREAKING OUT "it's spicy! very spicy! spicy!" and i'm like "yes, I know it is. he likes spicy food." But it's SPICY. yes, i know, thank you. butt out.

    lol to say the least, we didn't go back there, and went to a different thai restaurant where they were like 'Oh yes, all thai babies eat thai food. most eat very spicy, much spicier than american's who eat thai!' so they were cool with him having the green curry with meat and veg and rice.

    he still loves thai, indian, mexican, and many spicy cuisines today. and he has a broad and adventurous palate overall.

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    Yep. My babies ate what we ate from a very early age. Their dad is Greek so we ate a lot of Greek food and some of it can be spicy. I just put it in a food mill, mushed it up and they had at it and loved it.

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    Humans, like all babies out there, can eat the same food that mom eats. It just needs to be mashed, chewed or cut up small enough depending on they're teeth!

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    funny that my two younger kids liked spicy foods as babies. my 5 year now can't take the heat, and my 20 mo is starting to complain (he holds his tongue with a distressed look on his face), but when they were both babes, they ate it up happily. i wonder if babies simply haven't developed the taste buds to perceive spicy, and once they do it's a matter of social interpretation ("yes it's spicy, eat up!" vs. "oh dear, did i add too much pepper? i'm sorry let's get you something else.") he does ask for more sometimes, and i oblige him.
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    Thanks for the link... I'm starting to read up on this stuff, and the idea of feeding rice cereal as a first food seems ridiculous (as the article mentions, it's much like just giving sugar to your child - not much nutritional value there). I like the idea of meat, veg, fruit first... and spices too!

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