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Thread: bad oil sensitivity

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    bad oil sensitivity

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    Ugh! I have become so sensitive that I know instantly when I'm eating it.

    Ate out again tonight. Bad move. The Mexican was great, the oil it was cooked was not and I'm now suffering! The thing is, I knew as I was eating it that it wasn't good... I sort of had an early warning indigestion going on before I'd even finished the last mouthful. It had to be that the oil as I passed on the tortillas, and just had steak, peppers, mushrooms with sides of guacamole and salsa. The steak was dripping in oil. Vegetable is the norm around here because its cheap.

    Now, I don't often get indigestion. So the burning sensation I feel now is beyond anything I've had before. Very unpleasant.

    This is my body's way of saying... Well, you know better, but you still INSIST on eating out!!! So I'm gonna make it so unpleasant for you that you won't want to eat there (out in general) again. He he...

    It's working. The though of ever eating there again (given the physical discomfort I'm now feelng) turns my stomach.

    Who ever would have though that Such sensitivivity to adulterated ingredients was possible?

    (that once I wouldn't even have thought twice about eating)!

    Ugh! Wish me luck, I think tonight is gonna be a looooooong one!
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    i can sympathize. it's easy for me to stay primal when i eat out, except for the fact that every place now cooks in crap oil. and unfortunately, it really messes with me now. joint health. i'm literally aware of the offending oil for a few days.

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    I've really gotten sensitive to the TASTE of soybean oil. Can't stand it.

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