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Thread: Fantastic & Easy Homemade Chocolate!!!

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    Lightbulb Fantastic & Easy Homemade Chocolate!!!

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    Hello, all!

    Forum lurker paleo_rp here. In my cooking adventures, I've stumbled on to a great method for making chocolate at home--cheap & simple. I might preface this by saying that after perfecting this recipe, I've found that I simply don't enjoy purchased chocolate (Ghirardelli 70%, etc.) as much as I do my own recipe. It doesn't get completely smooth like a melted chocolate bar would, but the texture is interesting and enjoyable.

    Cocoa powder
    Chopped nuts, dried fruit if desired

    The method:

    Heat up a small pan (I have a nice ceramic one that works great) on a burner at a very low heat. Melt ~1 Tbsp of butter in the pan, adding a splash of good vanilla to it.

    So now the butter is liquid. Next, add your cocoa spoonful by spoonful, allowing the butter and cocoa to mix. (Add more butter or vanilla if you overdo the cocoa powder) It won't blend perfectly, but this unique texture adds to the experience.

    Now add a squeeze of honey to your preference. Honey also helps to smooth the texture (I do it last so as not to heat it too much, though everything is done on low heat).

    Chop some nuts (I love having almonds with it; once I toasted some along with zest of an orange and honey for a different flavor, very good) and mix in your additions to the chocolate.

    Then I take the whole darn bowl and eat it with a spoon; slowly, I might add--it's very dense and luscious! Bon Appetit!

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    change the butter for coconut cream (I add a small amount of cocoa butter as well) and you've got something sweet enough to ditch the honey i add coconut to mine (dessicated) as well. this is what i eat when i want a treat.

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    I make my chocolate to be really bitter by simply blending twice the amount of cocoa powder to coconut oil. I add a knob of butter and let it set in the freezer.

    Bron - I have some coconut cream in the fridge right now, and no chocolate in the freezer! I'm going to try that out.
    paleo_rp - Welcome aboard! Sound ideas, there. I want to make up a sweeter chocolate, and this gives me a good starting point. For really bitter choccy, good for dropping into chillies, or best, taken with a slug of tequila, check out: living in the ice age: Chocolate

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    Oh boy, I love chocolate. Reallllllllllly looking forward to when my whole30 is over, to incorporate honey again.
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