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Thread: 1 week primal - soon to be 40

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    1 week primal - soon to be 40

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    Hi, my name is Mark and I have just started(1 week) my Primal journey. I am 6"2" 185lb and at a better than average fitness level. I don't wish to lose weight really but I'll always take getting a little leaner. I am taking the gradual approach to the change with my first goal being Primal(MON-FRI) and relaxed on the weekend. I hope to eventually transition to 7 days/week.

    Also, I am about to turn 40 in June and my mid-life crisis has really got me thinking about healthy eating habits. Any advice on the transition greatly appreciated. I would especially like to hear from those in the close to and over 40 age bracket to hear what type of benefits you have had on the primal lifestyle.


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    Hi Mark. As for benefits to me, I would say "all of the above" - every aspect of my life.

    A gradual approach worked for me. Some do better starting strict then relaxing. Experiment.
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