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Thread: Stage 4 Sarcoidosis

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    Stage 4 Sarcoidosis

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    Hi! I have a friend that has Stage 4 sarcoidosis. I understand this is an autoimmune disease. Does anyone have any info or experience with this. I would like to try to help her with information, but don't know anything about this. I did recommend the Paleo diet. She has been to many doctors including the Mayo Clinic and is still sick. I really appreciate any insight.

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    just bumping this up there

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    Known as TB without TB.

    I had it and mild Lupus about 15 years ago...lasted for 2 years, burned itself reasons given.
    Being left with shadows on my lungs isnt that clever BUT, has it restricted my life, nope I excercise and train hard, my lung capacity and O2 uptake seems to be ok.


    I struggle with VLC, but I choose to eat that way because I hate the feelings when the carbs do hit my brain and Insolin kicks in, I'm also a time served refined carb eater :-).
    I've just removed dairy from my diet, seems to improve my digestion etc etc but now my body wants somthing to replace it with....and its screeming carbs at the mo.

    Has cutting diary made any extra changes...not to sure yet.....I do love diary though.

    Would a change in diet when I was suffering have helped, I dont know to be honest. Guess I was lucky in that it burned itself out, no meds or diet change.

    Not much help, thoughts only.


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