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    I second stir fry. Quick, easy, delicious --- if you eat rice.

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    i panfry some form of protein in butter if i am not having eggs. steak with some herbs. livers with something like thyme or oregano ( lambs or chicken ). butter fried fresh fish with herb salt. wild venison. wild pork. i would imagine broth with meat of some kind would be awesome if it is cold. pork bones in broth for example. the meat nearest the bone is usually the sweetest so my kids would eat it and chew all the marrow when they were younger.
    if it's just you for breakfast and you are in a hurry, bulletproof coffee is pretty good.

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    Strips of pork belly.

    Two will keep you going until well in the afternoon.
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    Should include this in my own breakfast, idea is not bad

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    If you like curry-type dishes, this is my go-to non-egg breakfast! It does require a little advanced planning, but this recipe makes 4/5 servings:

    3 lg Chicken breasts
    1/2 an onion, chopped
    1 can coconut milk

    Spices: Chinese 5-spice, a bit of curry powder, salt.

    Throw the onion in the bottom of the crockpot, shake some 5-spice over it (to taste, you can always add more at the end!), put the chicken breasts on top of the onions, season with more 5-spice, curry powder and salt (all to taste). Pour the entire can of coconut milk over the breasts.
    Cook on HIGH for 4/5h or on LOW for 8.

    The onions give it sweetness, which the 5-spice compliments, and the coconut milk cuts the spice of the curry. I can *easily* get 50+g protein for <10g carbs with this meal, and with the fat from the coconut milk it's incredibly filling.

    Also it has like 3 ingredients, and I'm lazy, so that helps too

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    This sounds awesome and I *love* chicken curry. One question: do you use bone-in breasts or boneless? or does it not really matter?


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    eat what you want for breakfast. Have a burger, a steak or some salmon. Then you can eat breakfast for dinner! woohoo
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    How about chicken and apple sausages with apple slices fried in butter with cinnamon?

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    When I ate breakfast regularly, I usually just finished off leftovers from the previous night's dinner...
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    Thanks everyone! I seem to be doing better since I started fasting through breakfast & having an early lunch. Oddly, this has helped cut down my snacking as well.

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