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Thread: What can I eat?

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    What can I eat?

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    I am new to this diet, and am doing it to try and cure my arthritis, as well as some other health conditions. Because I have hashimotos disease, an autoimmune condition I am not eating nightshades, nuts or eggs. All I can eat I feel is meat, veg and some fruit (also want weight loss).

    I have looked up lots of yummy recipes and most of them contain eggs or nightshades (chilli, tomato, curry etc) or nuts.

    What can I eat, to make my food more interesting? I don't think I can stomach plain meat and veg 3 times a day.



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    I can imagine you feel pretty restricted right now. My advice here would be to explore the full range of meat and vegetable options. Not just plain meat... beef, lamb, bison, chicken, turkey, other game and all kinds of organ meats. All kinds of fish. Explore the vast array of vegetables. Make it an adventure into new stuff and maybe it won't seem so limiting.

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    Don't forget seasonings: herbs, spices, salts.

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    Seasonings and spices are key - even if you're eating the same meat and veg, you can really change the way it tastes - French, Indian, Asian, etc. with just a few things.

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