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Thread: Supplementing with vitamin D *and* fish oil?

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    Supplementing with vitamin D *and* fish oil?

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    So I've been seeing a lot of recommendations regarding vitamin D around here lately -- even my doctor brought it up when I saw her about something totally unrelated the other day.

    I was just about to go buy a jug of 5,000 IU D3 capsules when I realized that I'm already taking fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil by the spoonful. That's supposed to have around 1,000 IUs D3 plus A and some other stuff, though it varies between batches I assume.

    Seeing as I'm not getting my blood levels tested, is it wise to do the fish oil AND 10,000 IUs of supplementation?? (I was thinking about doing 5K in the morning and 5K at night.)

    I was thinking I could benefit from more D because a) it's winter, b) I'm grumpy and lethargic in the morning, and c) I just got a head cold, which makes me wonder if my immune system could use a boost.
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    check your levels

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    I don't think it is wise to take 10K IU without testing. Also need to up your A intake when you increase D. Should also check your K2 and Mg intakes
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    Only take one of the 5K pills, and take it in the morning when you eat breakfast (take the pill first).

    Edit: And yeah, my krill oil pills also have 1K IU D and some E. I think it's pretty standard, especially among higher quality supplements.

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