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Thread: Low carb flu or not enough calories?

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    Low carb flu or not enough calories?

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    First off I'm new to the forum and the paleo lifestyle,so I'd like to say hello to everyone and I hope you're all doing great.

    I switched to paleo cold turkey three days ago,and I'm feeling tired and sluggish.My issue is I can't tell if this is just my body adjusting or if my calories are low,since with the diet changes I went from 5 meals with snacks a day to 3 meals and maybe a snack before bed.To give you a general idea of what I'm taking in I'll list yesterdays meals.


    4 strips of bacon pan cooked with liberal amounts of butter

    3 eggs w/ onions,mushrooms,and jalapeno peppers cooked in the fat left over in the pan after the bacon was done


    2 grilled flounder fillets

    Mixed veggie salad with homemade dressing (extra virgin olive oil,garlic,spices,and apple cider vinegar) and natural cheddar cheese


    Medium grilled steak topped with pepper jack cheese and sauteed mushrooms and onions

    Mixed veggie salad with similar dressing to the one at lunch topped with parm cheese

    Now,one thing I have noticed is that my sleep pattern which is usually a mess was fixed on the first day.I go to sleep roughly 4-5 hours after dinner,and sleep like a rock for 9 hours or so.When I get hungry has also become much more predictable,it's usually 4-5 hours after my last meal.I already feel healthier,but the lack of energy and dull aches and pains are bothering me.So,in your opinion folks,is this LCF or just a lack of calories?

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    Are you feeling hungry?
    If not then id say its just from the carb flu which can hang around for a while. If you are hungry eat more

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    It's not hunger,so it must be my body throwing a temper tantrum because I'm not stuffing it with grains and sugar.Thanks for the insight Ayla.

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    Yes its an adjustment, you can make it easier by adding in some starchy veggies and sweet potatoes.
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