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Thread: Superfoods

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    Hey guys!

    Hope you’re doing well..

    I’ve recently wrote a new post on my blog entitled 10 Superfoods for Better Health, Fast Weight-Loss & Increased energy and I’d like to have you guys’ feedback.

    10 Foods for Better Health, Fast Weight Loss, and Increased Energy |

    Specifically, I want to know..

    What do you think of “superfoods”?

    Are you currently eating them?

    If not, why not?

    It’s a topic I’m passionate about and I really just want your honest opinion so I understand how others think about this topic.

    Thanks a lot guys!


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    You definitely brought some new foods to my attention. I eat less than half of these things. But, I can't stand tea in general, so that leaves one out...
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    i don't buy into the superfood hype. 'specially not chia seeds. and i'll throw up if i see anything else about goji berries (aka the acai of 2012).

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    Jakey why don't you believe in chia seeds? Great source of omega 3, unreal source of fiber, has some protein.. and like I mention in the article it's used as a main energy source by the best super-long distance runners in the world.. I think they're on to something.

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    Why isn't kale on the list? Quinoa is too high in carbs --- especially for those of us who don't work out much. I'll add sweet potatoes back in in a couple months.

    I eat the coconut oil. The raw cacao sounds interesting... may have to look for that.
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    the kind of omega 3 in chia seeds is barely biologically available to humans. ALA is not the long chain stuff we're after. they're an incomplete protein too, i wouldn't think of the as a protein source. i'm not into super long-distance running, at all, but if it works for them, keep pumpin it!

    by the way, you like great. keep eating whatever foods you've been eating.

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    I think the term is both misleading and counter productive to achieving good health. It feeds right into the "I can make up for all my crappy choices by munching a few magic berries" mentality. I know because I pre-primal I had this mentality.
    The label superfoods encourages a 20% Primal, 80% CW diet instead of the other way round.

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    I'm not into the "super foods" concept. While I certainly believe that some foods are better than others (and certain foods are definitely great sources of antioxidants or other great things), I find the general idea to be too close to the "take a pill and keep eating garbage" concept of the U.S. It's too easy to think "well, I had some kale and blueberries today, so that balances out the slice of chocolate cake."

    I try to eat good food all-around, and if some of it happens to be on someone's superfood list, then so be it.

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    You enthuse about "fat free" sweet potato methods, are very keen on fibre, want to add seeds to your cereal/oatmeal, mix your quinoa with lentils...

    Uh huh.
    Hope your website benefits from the extra hits but I call BS.

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