I have been trying to be as "primal" as I can for almost a year, maybe a little less. The longest I have gone without grains and processed foods was a month. Lately I have been eating things like cookies(ALOT), on the weekends. The rest of the time I try to eat paleo. I am not trying to lose weight at all. If anything I want to build more muscle. I just have this sugar addiction on the weekends that needs to GO. As far as fitness goes for me right now I have been doing starting strength for a month now. My back has been hurting though for the past couple of days, and I haven't been able to do much at all. Except eat and sleep. So I thought it would be a good time to start this food journal. I don't want to count calories or anything like that. Right now I want to keep my carbs 50-150, but include a little fruit/sweet potatos/and some more dark chocolate. I think doing less limiting on my diet will help me eat better during the weekends. I have been thinking about doing lowcarb/high fat on non workout days, and higher carb/lowish fat on workout days. I think this will be better for me.

Although I am not counting calories I want to eat more too so I can lift more. These are my lifting stats at the moment.(not very good, but I had to reset already on my squats, I just need to eat more!

Squat--90lbs 3 sets of 5 I was able to do 1 set of 5 with 105lbs...
Deadlift--145lbs 1 sets of 5... also tried 155lbs but only was able to do 3 reps(MY FAVORITE)
press---65lbs (I think) 3 sets of 5 reps
bench press---85lbs 3 sets of 5 reps
I also can do 8 dips in a row. I can finally do 1 pullup!, and I can do 2 chinups, and I can do 1 kipping pullup(lol I watched some tutorials). Last time I checked I could only do 8 pushups...it might be more now, I can only hope.

BREAKFAST: 1 expresso, 5 scrambled eggs, half an avocado, okay okay and I had 1 serving of 85 percent dark chocolate.

Thanks for taking the time to read my journal. If you have any suggestions or improvements that I could make with my diet/routine please tell me! I won't be offended. I will try to post consistently, hopefully later again today! Thanks Again! (I also want to apologize ahead of time for my bland meals, If you have any easy/cheap/yummy paleo recipes, please tell me!) I am a horrible cook.