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    Ice cream -- this is scary!

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    This is scary. I did PB 10 days, lost 4 pounds and 3.5 inches. That's not the scary part. The scary part is I went off and had ice cream -- organic coffee -- and it did not taste good! It was way too sweet! That's after 10 days. Wow! My whole infrastructure is changing.

    Okay, I'm left with cream. There's still hope:-) But wow, I am impressed -- Losing my ice cream need in 10 days. Okay, it might come back, but I don't think so. I had an apple yesterday and it was wonderfully sweet. The yam didn't impress me. What impressed me was the purple cabbage, bacon ends, and fresh ginger I just had for breakfast!

    Does everyone else lose their ice cream need that fast? Wow. PB is amazing. I mean, that was my only real processed sweet need.
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    haha! I remember the first time that happened to me-- I was eating baked potato chips, that I normally loved, but this time they tasted "off" to me. they were just plain salted ones, but there was just something funky about them! so i had carrots instead. it's very weird when your tastes change!
    congrats on the weight loss

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    Yeah- I tried to eat a ghiradelli milk chocolate caramal square- I ate 1/3 of it and it was too sweet and rich. I used to be able to eat 10 of those without issue. The scary thing was even though I didn't really enjoy it, about 10 minutes later I wanted more. Haha, addicted to food that does not taste good.

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    Don't be scared; that's what's supposed to happen.
    Read. The. Book.

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    That means you did it right. Congrats. While you can always choose to resume eating sugar on special occasions, losing the sweet tooth makes everything a lot easier.

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    The day after Christmas I embarked on a 21 day (not Balanced Bite's program, but inspired by it certainly) "no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no coffee, no diet soda, no chocolate, no cheating" journey because I was up to a small iced (sugar free flavored with syrup and half and half) coffee a day and generally a bottle of diet soda as well.

    A couple of days ago marked three months at my new job so I bought my usual- the small iced coffee, a couple of shots of sugar free Torani vanilla syrup, a splash of half and half. It didn't taste as good as I remembered, and I was shaking for FOUR HOURS. Anxious, felt fluttery, awful.

    However later that night I had some Green & Black 85% dark chocolate and it was AWESOME.

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    I ate ice cream over the weekend and it's still as wonderful as ever... to me anyway, but I'm very new to primal eating. I think that I've been feeding my sugar gremlin too often with a little sugar in my coffee, mangos in my smoothie, honey in my tea, etc.. After the ice cream fiasco, I've decided to cut back on all sugar to see if that helps kill that little sugar gremlin of mine. I wonder if some people, like me, will always have problems with sugar.

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    I went to a party. They had strawberries that someone had dusted with Splenda. OH MY GOD!!! I was like the sweetest strawberries I have ever ate!
    I've had cheescake twice in four months - each time it took me about 30 mintes to eat it. Sooo filling!
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    I'm having the same experience... things that didn't taste sweet to me at all are now decadent (like blueberries!), and things I used to love are now far too sweet. Even 60% dark chocolate is a bit cloying to me now. It's awesome, since I thought I was doomed to sugar addiction.

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    lol i did that too, ordered creme brulee at a restraurant and couldn't even finish it it was soo sweet!

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