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Thread: 30 day progress report

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    30 day progress report

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    The very first thing I noticed, after about 2 weeks is that my chronic nasal allergies are gone! Yippee! That is shocking to me. I don't know if it was cutting out wheat, or dairy, or sugar....but it's worth giving up all three of those things to not drip sneeze sneeze drip drip all day every day.

    But, I did start this to lose weight as my main objective. I have been a long time short term dieter for a very long time so my quick weight loss days are over. I accept that.

    Down 7 pounds. (55 to go)
    Lost 1 3/4" in hips, and 2 1/2 in waist.
    Hip/waist ratio went from .88 to .84

    I still have a way to go, but I think that is an excellent start! I haven't really suffered at all. I don't know why or how I find this so easy, but I do. I should be at or near weight loss goals by November, and that is fine by me.

    I've signed myself up (in my mind) for another month doing just what I'me doing now.


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    I'm very jealous about your allergy loss! I have yet to sort out mine. Congratulations on the loss and welcome aboard!
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