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Thread: Blah's training log

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    Blah's training log

    So I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now and I've decided to give it a go. I already keep a written training log mostly as a way to make myself do a workout and not slack off, it’s also great to look back on. I thought I could get an added benefit by weekly posts here, hopefully it will keep me consistently training and if people want to post they can give me some new ideas.

    My goal is to be an all rounder, to be strong, well conditioned, agile, fast, have high endurance all good things. And I want all this to be functional, for that to mean anything I need to define it. Functional to me means my strength and conditioning must help me in situation I might encounter in everyday life, including the extreme. I want to be able to shoulder a 100 Kg man and carry him up or down several flights of stairs, or sprint down a purse snatcher, or just help a friend move house all day with ease.

    So I want to base my training around strength, conditioning, speed and endurance. Currently I’m working with body weight, sandbags and kettlebells for strength and conditioning but I’d like to do some barbell work at some point too. The speed work I do currently is just sprinting, but I’d like to widen that a little. For endurance I’m working on running, not chronic but I’d like to knock out a 10 km on a whim. I’d also like to get a bike, start swimming, and do some long cycle kettlebell work but it’s all a matter of time. Lastly I want to do some badass feats of strength such as one arm chins, planche, weighted pistols, etc, long term goals. Most of this is influenced by the works of great people like Al Kavadlo, Matt Palfrey, all the contributors to My Mad Methods Magazine, and of course Mark Sisson

    What else. . . grip work, bridges, better mobility, more parkour, learn to fight, add more hours to my day. . .

    Take ideas you like, maybe leave some new ones, lurk in the shadows and watch or totally ignore me, it’s up to you.

    Edit: I forgot a few things -
    I'm currently 23 years old, 76-77 kg, and finishing a Masters in biology (yeast genetics)

    I do what do to for my health and longevity first, extra strength and conditioning comes second (on top of that which adds to my health), appearance third. I’d like to get a little leaner but it’s not really something I plan on pushing for right now, not really looking to add or lose weight but if I do its no biggie to me.
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    My training journal if anyone is interested

    Be strong to be useful

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