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Thread: Ketosis and fat loss

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    Ketosis and fat loss

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    Newbie question, so apologies if this has been done to death before.

    I'm trying to lose bodyfat without compromising lean body mass. At the moment my diet is -

    Carbs less than 50g per day (I'm clearly in ketosis - wife comments on the ketone breath)
    Total calorie intake is anywhere between 500 to 800 less than my BMR + activity factor
    Protein intake is about 1 gram per pound of lean bodyweight.

    I suppose my question is if I am in ketosis does this mean that I will be shedding bodyfat and sparing the lean muscle?

    I know it's pretty basic stuff, but I wouldn't mind some wise heads (there seems to be quite a few around here from what I read) to comment or add some pearls of wisdom.



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    It isn’t necessarily ketosis that we want…it is the burning of those ketones that is beneficial, and the two are often opposite. Ketosis is what is left over from not having burned them. Eating carbs can inhibit the burning of ketones that the MCTs may be making, thus resulting in ketosis, but not necessarily ketone utilization. --Ron Rosedale, MD

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    I didn't have good luck going low carb, but it works different for everyone I suppose. A lot of it depends on your activity level and if your metabolism is healthy. My metabolism is just fine and I do quite a bit of heavy lifting plus several hockey games a week, thus starches aren't only acceptable, but necessary to me not burning out. Plus I'm trying to gain weight.

    More importantly though, I sleep better with more carbs.
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