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Thread: Almond butter?

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    Almond butter?

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    I bought some to try. But sadly, I'm either an idiot or just do you get it mix up? The jar I bought was separated of course but it is a pain in the A$$ to get it to mix!! Do I put it in the microwave to soften?

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    spoon some out with some oil, and mix it with a spoon in a bowl.
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    I just use a knife and stir the whole jar for a good bit.

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    The microwave!?
    I place the jar upside down in the fridge. A few hours later or the next day the oil is almost perfectly mixed with the almond butter, if anything it may need a stir or two.

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    Dump it all in the blender That's how I deal with nut butters! Makes everything very smooth.

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    Take it for a ride with you on a bumpy road. I was once on a city bus with a jar of natural peanut butter (this was pre-Primal) and upon arriving at home I found to my surprise that my peanut butter was perfectly homogenized. Popped it in the fridge and it did not separate again.

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    When I first open it I (carefully!) stir it a bit, stirring the top and then digging the knife in a bit deeper. Honestly, I find it takes a few days of being in the fridge to actually "set" enough to use it without causing an almond butter oil explosion everywhere. Or maybe I'm just clumsy and shouldn't be allowed near the stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalkyle View Post
    I just use a knife and stir the whole jar for a good bit.
    I do this, but SLOWLY!
    I learned this by being in a rush and slopping the oil out. Messy.

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    I make slices with the knife and as I pull up, the oil can get in to the slices. After a while, it softens up a bit and I can stir a little more. But I never get it perfect, not at first. The jar is always too full. Doesn't matter a whole lot.

    I like to store unopened jars upside down in the cupboard. They're usually already separated from sitting right side up in the store. By the time I open the jar, it's mixed itself.

    I don't eat almond butter much anymore. I do miss it.
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