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Thread: 21 days : A Loooooong way to go

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    21 days : A Loooooong way to go

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    Day 0

    It seems like with me, everyday is a day zero. A typical day 0 is the realization how completely and utterly unhealthy I am. It's the realization of how much it effects every minute of my life and every interaction I have with my wonderful supportive caring family. It's the realization, a stark painful realization, that if I do not make a change, I will not see my children grow older.

    All my day zeros are littered with false starts and a declaration of "this time I'm really really going to do it." I've convinced myself that if I say a few more "really"s then that means I have will have more dedication and willpower to make it happen.

    This how this day 0 starts -- with a declaration and a promise to my children. I will see all my children graduate high school; my step-daughter who is 15, my son who is 4, and my "we don't know what we are having" baby that is on the way. My health is so bad that without a change I will not live to know them as adults. That's the "really" in my "I really need to make a change." It definitely puts the "real" in "really."

    My day 0 finds me as a 41 year old man, 330 pounds with horrible knee problems. My thyroid is pretty out of whack and requires a hefty daily dose to keep my doctor happy. Honestly, I can't tell if it's working or not. I'm so completely exhausted most of the time, it doesn't matter.

    This is my first time posting here -- so be gentle. It's not easy to tell the whole world just how overweight you are. Typing out three three zero... oh my goodness. It's horrifying. How did I get this way? Whining aside; I'm going to finish this 21 day challenge.

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    Day 1

    B: Eggs with onions and a little cheese on top
    L: Jimmy John's sandwich with a lettuce wrap instead of bun
    D: Chipotle salad. No beans or rice or sour cream. Lady looks at my all crazy-eyed because it's not my "usual"
    Snacks: Some macademians and almonds. Boiled egg.

    Took an hour walk at lunch. Barely made it. Gotta laugh about it, because what's the alternative?

    All of the fast food people in my immediate area know me. I'm a regular with my "usual." However, there's nothing normal about eating junk food all time and feeling this crappy. Well, good bye fast-food-worker-friends; it's been nice knowing you. Maybe in another time or place, we can meet over something that's not a "#1 biggie sized."

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    Day 2
    B: Eggs with green salsa and some bacon. Chunked the tortilla in the trash. Thought several minutes about digging aforementioned tortilla out of the trash to get my fix.
    L: Almost forgot about lunch. That's weird. Can't remember what I ate, but it was about 4 1/2 stars on the caveman scale.
    D: Hot wings and celery. Don't think they were breaded.

    My lovely wife my an awesome creamy cheesy potato soup. Not exactly paleo; at least not on day 2 when I'm still thinking about the trash can with the lovely tortillas sitting there. Had a few spoonfuls of it. By a few, I mean 6 and by spoonfuls, I mean as much as I could heap on the spoon without dropping some on the floor for the dog. However, I didn't not have a giant heaping bowl, and that's a win in my book.

    No meanful exercise because of the biblical floods in our area.

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    Day 3

    B: More breakfast tacos without the tortilla.
    L: Jimmy Johns sandwich w/out the bun. Add bacon! $1.50 extra for sanity. I'll take two.
    D: [Hasn't happened yet]

    Took another hour walk at lunch out in the cold rainy weather. I take some comfort in the fact that it was just me out there. All the fair weather joggers were sipping their lattes while I was out walking through the streams from last night. Suprisingly, hurt a lot less than the first time.

    I am realizing something. To make this really work, I can't autopilot with restaurant food even if they have some nice low-carb options. I need to be actively making food at home. It's cheaper, and definitely the right way to go long term. Yes, it's an option for those busy days, but it shouldn't be the 80% of my effort.

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    Congratulations for starting your journey! May I suggest something? Be gentle with yourself. Where you are is where you are, and your weight has nothing to do with your value. You weigh 330 lbs. Tomorrow you will weigh something different. Even better, even when the scale doesn't show it, your body will show something different.

    Beating oneself up repeatedly is a sure recipe for failure. Practice kindness. (And I write this knowing I need the same medicine.

    On the cooking at home front: the crockpot is your very best friend in the world. Stick a big hunk of meat (roast, whole chicken, stew) with some veggies and a little bit of liquid in the pot in the morning, turn it on low, and let it cook for 6-8 hours. I always make enough so I have leftovers for a few days, but I'm the only meat eater in my house so that's pretty easy. If you google Paleo crockpot recipes, you will find tons and tons.

    Definitely give up the fast food modifications except in an emergency because even without the carbs, they use crap ingredients and chemicals that are no good for you.

    When you get discouraged, go check out the picture thread. There are some seriously heavy people who are in the process of dropping weight or have rocking bodies now, have gotten off meds and improved their health significantly. They are no different from you or I. They just followed the program and kept going when it got hard or they made a mistake.

    Stay off the scale, because often the scale doesn't show as much progress as you're actually making. Measurements are better. Right now, my only measures are how I feel and how my pants fit. Victory #1 was being able to wear my wedding ring again. Victory #2 will be fitting comfortably into a pair of jeans I have the next size down. My ongoing victory is having tons more energy and not dealing with monster pimples and crazy moods.

    I've been on Day 0 myself several times, and I tell you, Paleo is the only thing I've ever found to make me feel as good and lose as well as I do.

    Choose yourself over crap food. Slide the stink eye at anyone who tries to derail you. Be compassionate to yourself if you slip and remember that you are in control, you are not a victim. You can choose to get right back on track even as you're wiping the chocolate cake crumbs from your lips after you went face down in a piece.

    You can do this. Believe in yourself. That, along with a long life, is one of the best gifts you can give your kids.
    I blog about living life to the fullest at The Hairy Edge. Check it out! (Or not. We can still be friends. )

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    What beachteach said. You really need to get off the fast food. Bacon and eggs in the morning is a great start. Fry the eggs in some coconut oil. It's the "good" fats that help with the cravings. You don't need to exercise so don't make yourself sick by getting cold and wet. When you feel better about life then throw in the exercise. Master the diet first. Good luck!. I'll be reading your journal.

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    Thank you everyone for the encouragement -- especially the bit about not "beating yourself up."

    I'm already feeling *much* better without all the sugar coursing through my body and without the subsequent 3pm munchy-run. I've also quit drinking the so-called diet drinks like they were water. I had a single Diet Pepsi at a friend's house, and it was a glorious wonderful indulgence. It felt like it should have -- a sensible indulgence to celebrate a good time with friends. It was not the first thing I used to mindlessly grab instead of water.

    Day 4

    B: Eggs and yummy green verde salsa. Who remembers LBS? (Life before Salsa?)
    L: Small soup. Had little bit of potato and peas in it. Not bad though.
    D Grilled some chicken legs on the grill. Buttered squash.
    S: Single bite of dark chocolate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachTeach View Post
    Choose yourself over crap food. Slide the stink eye at anyone who tries to derail you. Be compassionate to yourself if you slip and remember that you are in control, you are not a victim. You can choose to get right back on track even as you're wiping the chocolate cake crumbs from your lips after you went face down in a piece.
    Awesome post. +1 You "win" the internet for a day.

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    Day 5
    B: Yummy eggs and salsa.
    L: Big green 32oz juice from whole foods, with small salad on the side. It was all greenies with a splash of apple and lemon juice.
    D: ??

    Took a nice walk at lunch. Legs were feeling really tight and it was hurting to walk.
    Tried stretching it out and that helped a little.

    I'm working my way through the 21-day challenge book -- and I'm seeing a few things
    that I'm not doing right. So, in true Paleto Principal 80/20 fashion, I'll recognize
    my mistakes and keep on trucking.

    I saw the DVD -- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night and felt inspired to get a juice
    for lunch. It wasn't some sugar loaded drink from the corner store; it was juiced in
    store at Whole Foods. Probably not something Grok would do -- it didn't have a credit
    card to swipe at the register, but still. It was nice and I might throw one in
    every now and again to reward myself.

    Fat, Sick and Dead: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010) - IMDb
    Origin of the 80/20 rule, Pareto Principal: Pareto principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Quote Originally Posted by randito View Post
    Awesome post. +1 You "win" the internet for a day.
    Aw, I feel extra special today. The whole internets?

    Glad to see you cut yourself some slack with the program. I think of it all as a process, and I'm somewhere on the continuum. The 80/20 thing actually makes things easier for me. All-or-nothing programs are hard for me; I'm kind of a rebel, and I don't like to be told what to do or expected to be perfect.

    A green juice actually sounds super good right now. Got some weirdo stabby eyeball headache that's shown up the past couple of mornings, and I suspect it's a sign of the flu. Or so all the plague survivors around me have said. Anyway, boosting up my immune system sounds like a darn good idea.

    Keep rocking it out!
    I blog about living life to the fullest at The Hairy Edge. Check it out! (Or not. We can still be friends. )

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